My letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh

Dear Sir

Sir, my hearty congratulations on the completion of one year of your second term as the PM of this great country. It was really generous of you to address the press on this occasion, last Monday. You discussed your government’s performance in its first year, including your plans on the Kashmir issue. But sir, this was the first time in three long years and only the second in your six long years in office that you have subject yourself to open scrutiny by the media. Your interviews to Indian media have been very few, while you have been quite generous with the foreign media. For a government that speaks of the Right to Information era in this country, frankly, that’s a bad record.

Heads of government all over the world have well established and structured interactions with their country through the media. The president of the United States talks every day to the nation through the White House spokesperson and comes out himself regularly to face the media. Of course sir, you are a busy man and it is utterly irrational of me to ask for everyday appearances to the disgusting media of my country. But, that is why you have press advisors, which consists mostly of senior journalists from the print media.

Sir, please make yourself more accountable to the nation. You have a twitter account which is in vegetative state for a long time. You don’t blog. All we hear about you is from the misguided media. The nation deserves to be a little more informed- from the right and righteous source.


Speak up!

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