Why do politicians wear whites?

Today, I was wondering why these politicians wear white clothes and travel around in white cars? Does the colour signify something? White is associated with purity. Do these politicians want to delude us by portraying themselves as innocent? As if we don’t know about them!

Old kings and queens were known for wearing extravagant clothes! I wonder from where the tradition of white clothes started? Some good leaders and freedom-fighters were portrayed in white. Are these freedom-snatchers imitating them ever since? Do their white clothes resemble peace? Do they want us to believe that the tax-payer’s money is being properly implemented in building the nation we dream of, and the last thing we should do in a democracy is protest?

Hindus wear white in mourning for dead. Are these politicians morning for us, for the past 63 years?


2 responses to “Why do politicians wear whites?

  1. Its the universal acceptor..the best way to convert some black(money) to ‘white’

  2. It all started with Gandhiji’s khadi Movement. Before that even India leaders used to wear western outfits like Britishers.

    I believe its one good way (kind of dress code for politicians) to preserve khaadi at this age.

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