Socialism and socializing

Last night, I had a long talk with a friend. We spent hours sitting on the terrace speaking about our childhood. The way we enjoyed kicking a plastic bottle all the way from play ground to home, walking along with it for miles. How we were let free outside to play and run till we fall, hurt ourselves, get cleaned by ma and let free to fall again! That is when I realized- we have lost out an important part of our lives. We have lost the charm of falling!

I remember what a Sankalp volunteer once told me. Make “having fun” your first priority in life. By “having fun” he never meant going to an amusement park or partying with friends. Fun is something which can be sought within ourselves. These are the times we spend thinking about the smallest of moments that brought a smile to someone’s face, remembering the people who love us, or when we simply chit chat with friends and family. I realized that it is long since I had given myself some time, until yesterday, when I simply stared at the sky for hours, connecting the stars, as they lit up and the sky darkened. Believe me, it was a wonderful feeling!

This post is simply written out of a tremendous urge- something that has to be felt. But as I write- I have decided to focus in two beautiful, yet totally unrelated domains- first, I want to realize socialism- I want to read the ideas laid by the great men and process them. Secondly, I want to socialize. There is no need to love life, if we can just love ourselves and the people who love us! I just wanna to love them back! Life’s good, isn’t it?


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