The bihari Rana?

Raghunath Singh and some other politicians of Bihar are making Rana Pratap the same as some in Maharashtra did with Shivaji. This ridicules me to the core! I don’t know why Rajasthan is not objecting to this? Rana Pratap and Shivaji are two icons of India! They never belonged to any community or caste. They had muslim generals employed under themselves. And the wars they led were political, and never religious. But since these headless leaders can neither invent any new issue nor are they committed to the development of the region they represent, they keep themselves busy with the ruthless communal politics.

How can Rana Pratap represent only a particular caste? What about the tribes of Rajasthan or Bhamashah who helped Rana Pratap? Why do these leaders still try to take shelter in caste to keep themselves relevant (pronounced ridiculous)? I hate one aspect of Bihar politics- the useless affinity shown by its people for the leaders of their own caste.

Let these leaders understand that their divisive approaches are damaging our country’s integrity. Bihar has better stories to tell to the country than this. I hope the youth of my generation is capable enough in establishing a law and order that makes sense. We must discourage such stupidity!


One response to “The bihari Rana?

  1. Hi sourav, at present in bihar these type of so called leaders are irrelevant. Nitish jee changed Bihar through development oriented policies. only these so called Netas create a short term hype through these type of cast oriented program featuring a national hero.

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