Valentine and violence

As Valentine’s day is approaching, there is a big halla created by a group of people. They call my generation’s culture obscene as some girls prefer wearing western dresses and going to pubs. Isn’t it an entirely personal and family matter?

The police must stop using its definition of obscenity and stop everyone who do so. There are these narrow-minded fools who run around assaulting women, in the name of god. Lord Rama had immense respect for women. If pub culture is not a part of Indian tradition, then when did hitting women become one? No one has any right to assault them. Only criminals can take such steps and criminals must be put behind the bar without any trial. And who are some gundas to decide what’s right and what’s wrong anyway?

These people attack every couple they see on this day. By the way, when did love become crime? It is the most wonderful feeling one can experience. I think the best narration of love has been written by Tulsidas in Ram Charitmanas. Ram along with Lakshman have come to king Janak’s garden for collecting flowers for their teacher Vishwamitra. Sita with her friends has come to offer prayer to Goddess Parvati. Ram sees Sita for the first time. They don’t know each other, but they fall in love. They wish to be partners in life. The wonderful narration runs for pages.

I appeal to my generation to celebrate this day with all joy and happiness- ’cause that’s what love is all about. Celebrate this day with your loved ones, if not someone special. And for all those savage heartless monkeys, my suggestion is to read Hanuman Chalisa, because the masses, my friend, are coming for you!


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