Compulsory Attendance- No Sir!

Why do teachers teach the same thing that’s there in text books? A student can anyways study it in a more silent and cozy place than sitting inside a classroom filled with screaming classmates. Knowledge is not the reason students come to class, unfortunately! Alas! Students don’t wake up in the morning and say- “Today I’ll learn Data Structures- I better hurry up for college!” instead they say in worry- “I’ll miss my attendance”. Is attendance the only thing that binds a student to his class? Sadly- Yes!

Now imagine- Crores of students bound to classes for 8 hours everyday, for no reason but attendance; aren’t we hindering their progress? Aren’t we breeding them like cattle tied to one place? What about free thought? Free spirit to grow- to flourish their own special way! Teachers must take it as a challenge to make the classes interesting- and students will pour in- not for the sake of attendance- for knowledge!

Compulsory attendance is the downfall of Indian education system. I faced so much resistance while doing a project and paying lesser concentration on academics- which can be managed by just reading the textbook in a day- why waste a whole semester for it? So here I am- ready to take more- to claim in my own free spirit, shout out loud, when nobody hears- I love this subject!


2 responses to “Compulsory Attendance- No Sir!

  1. hello, I know the case is true with most of them. But its not hundred percent true with me. I am really thankful to few teachers who really teach very well which I wouldn’t have understood just by reading. And most of the days I go to college to listen to those interesting and knowledgeable classes. And attend few classes to know what all topics are actually there !!!!
    Thank u

  2. Awesome line of thought.. proud of u my frn 🙂

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