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The hands that built Bombay

This is the story of the 300,000 workers of Mumbai’s textile mills, most of whom lost their jobs. It was during early 1980s, over 125 years since these mills shaped the city of Mumbai, when the mill owners deemed these mills unprofitable declined the workers’ wages. The workers had no choice but to call for strike, which lasted for 18 months. The strike collapsed, and the once called Manchester of the East, fell flat. Unlike what most Bollywood films depict, this is the true story behind Mumbai underworld. Continue reading


The Kubrick stares

The Kubrick Stare, sometimes referred to as the Kubrick Glare is a common camera shot of an actor in most of his films. The Kubrick Stare has been called the “heavy-browed look of insanity”. The actor is filmed by Kubrick at a specific angle with their head tilted slightly down, looking up, sometimes with the teeth exposed but always with a detached, angry, diabolical, evil, menacing, or mad look in his eye. Continue reading