Yo baba so spiritual

babaYoga is a 27 billion dollar industry. To put it in perspective, it is as big as Tata steel’s assets; and larger than the assets of Infosys, Wipro and TCS put together. And these figures are for the yoga that goes around legally. A lot of what goes in the background never comes out unless someone gets murdered or raped; or skeletons fall out of their closets. Read the complete article in the NRI


3 responses to “Yo baba so spiritual

  1. 🙂 Perfect analysis Sourav…

  2. This is all fine in what you said in your article and I’m not going to question any of it, but I have a question that is burning in my head for a long time, and this is it.

    If you are an engineer and a very accomplished one as well, does it make you a bad engineer if you have certain sexual orientation when the main stream society finds that out.

    What I am really trying to say is this, why do you have to follow your life by the parameters which are set by others. Or to put it bluntly, why do you have to do what others do and say because this really does’t get followed by people who are wealthy or famous and they are not bound by this rule, so why is it that an ordinary or a spiritual person has to follow these parameters SET BY WESTERN STANDARD.

    And finally, I know I’m using and in the beginning of the sentence but the real reason is this, DO YOU NOT THINK that we are now using the western religious parameter to dictate the eastern religion and it’s practices because these are Christian values not Hindu value or should I say Vaishnava practices.

    If you look at our history, all Rushi Munis who were accomplished in what ever they did were all married with children, but no body doubted their accomplishment.


    what is so wrong, when a spiritual person wants to sample some life. Isn’t this same as eating, when you are hungry, and we are human after all, and bound by this rule of nature to follow that is natural.

    I’m not taking their side, what I want to know is, where is wrong here?

    Oh BTW good article.

    • Hi Harry,

      Speaking of Indian philosophy, I would greatly recommend you Amartya Sen’s ‘The Argumentative Indian’. The book greatly demonstrates the importance of public debate in Indian traditions generally. What I am trying to arrive at is the flawed notion that western philosophy is more ‘open’ than Indian or eastern philosophies in general. The equation is far more complex.

      For example, a lot of conservative beliefs Indians adhere to, are actually Victorian! Over years of cultural exchange, we have adapted them greatly and call them ours.

      “The Tao that can be expressed is not the eternal Tao.” In other words, language is incapable of expressing the highest truths. There is no right or wrong. Each one of us is the creator of his/her own moral universe. But it is not that black/white either. There’s much more to it…

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