The black dot

big black dotI am not sure if I am angry. Enraged. In pain. I was always aware of the problem which today is being fought. Over years, every-time a friend, a sister has walked out – I have witnessed the fear in her eyes. Why now? Why the death of one girl should matter? Why this black dot? I don’t know what this black dot symbolizes? It may symbolize rage, protest for many on facebook who have made this their profile pic. I am not sure. All I know is at this moment when I type this article, this black dot symbolizes my state of mind.

The rape and eventual death of the victim has shaken me. I feel restless. What do I do? Protest? Or change? I am feeling bizarred, numb. Dumb, maybe. The ongoing protest makes me optimistic. Sachin leaving ODI was a smaller news in social media when compared to what is happening in Delhi. Fast forward 1 month and maybe the emotions will be forgotten. A new problem will show up and the youth shall move on to protest against that! I wonder when did we, the youth of India – the supposed agents of change, become the agent of nihilism? Remember the protests against Bhopal? Against corruption? Against FDI? What now? Are we switching our concerns the way we switch jobs? A generation suffering with short term memory, driven by emotions and main stream media, and impatient to drive it till the end – witnessing no definitive change, no conclusive change – is a much larger problem. A major part of our generation disillusioned is a threat larger than any other. More so – a government paying no heed to these is a blot in the name of democracy.

But then, a protest, a movement like the ones we have witnessed over the past year is a welcome thing. This phase of Indian history can cause deep impact like the freedom struggle, the JP movement once did – and thereby infuse new blood in the veins of Indian politics, Indian bureaucracy. There are people on streets who will change – who will choose to act – the biggest impact of the protest and the rage will be on themselves. From a demanding member of the society whose intellect was being used to raise the voice, they will become a contributing member of the society – whose inner unrest will shape into constructive good work. And trust me – this is a much larger and self sustaining impact than any legislative change the protesters are demanding. To the family of the girl, and to the rest of the mourning nation – may we find peace and strength in ourselves and may all of this eventually bring about a constructive change in our country. May the force be with you.


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