The hand that failed to wave

After failures in numerous other states, the Congress General Secretary has clearly failed to work wonders for the party again. Not that he was expected to, but a respectable show in UP would have strengthened his credentials as a leader. Despite multiple shows by him and his sister Mrs Vadra in Amethi and Rae Bareilly, two of the Congress strongholds, they lost 8 of the 10 seats there.  Why has the party, as a whole failed to nourish new leadership?

Will the Congress, one of the oldest and most democratic parties of the world be able to trust Rahul again? If I was a congressman, I would have loved to dump Rahul. His presence in the party has led to a party that no other face to project as the star campaigner. The party has deliberately stopped other leaders from growing. The situation is extremely worse in states, where the party has continuously failed to develop even a single competent leader. In no state it has a leader it can project as the chief minister, the reason Rahul goes campaigning in each state (and looses, of-course). Worse, it grooms no local leader who could play a bigger role in future. No wonder, Congress is out of the picture in many important states. The Congress is paying the price for weakening the states to keep the central leadership strong. In the political setup of a country where the only alternative is a Fascist organization, the situation is extremely scary.

Coming to the media. Despite the massive campaign of Mr. Gandhi by the English media, Congress won just 28 seats. The media portrayed the UP elections to be a bout between Rahul and Mayawati, while the less mentioned SP won 225 seats. Not that it makes me proud or happy, but it certainly leaves the media under serious question. It is high time we see the disconnect of the media with the ground realities. Rahul took responsibility for the defeat. Will the media take responsibility for their disconnect with the nation and their falsified and biased news?


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