Don’t we all wish we lived in Malgudi?

This could have been just a normal story. But RK Narayan’s wit and childlike innocence had turned it into something special, and made it the one of a kind book to read. To add to it was the perfect direction by Shankar Nag. And it became a 360 degree reflection of life in Malnad, the culture and the beauty of the place we so dearly call Malgudi.

RK Narayan had woven together, all from the depths of his own imagination, the magical village of Malgudi. The book can be read by anyone, anytime and anywhere. The magic of the book lies in its language and choice of words, which although in English is capable of creating the beauty that the language Kannada holds.

As a kid, I wished I lived in Malgudi. Didn’t all of us wish the same? Well, recently I did visit the place where Malgudi Days was shot. Agumbe is a small village in Karnataka. It is called the Cherrapunji of South, as it receives the highest rainfall in South India. I spent 2 days in Doddamane (meaning, big house), a house which has survived the sands of time over 110 years. Here are the photographs.


One response to “Don’t we all wish we lived in Malgudi?

  1. tum bhi ek duniya banaao already 1 kavitha ki book likh chuke

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