Notes on PMs recent Q&A with Editors

Recently our Prime Minister faced the media. As expected, most of the questions asked were on the recent scams. Although the PM seemed to stammer at places, he did not duck any of the questions, laying out what his office had and had not done at each step. He emphasized that while food inflation was a concern, sacrificing growth would do nobody any good. He claimed that he was not blocking an agreement on a JPC as he had no objection to appear before one. At this point of time the right question to ask is- “Is it time we move on?”

Here is why I say so. With the confrontational air we have only deepened the public mistrust. The mess and toxicity of the past few months have corroded public faith and hardened a sense of all-pervasive thievery. The PM rightly called the danger in allowing this false impression to take hold.

Despite a slow and reluctant start, the 2G investigations have acquired momentum and accountability. With the recent press conference, the PM too laid down an agenda to change the mood, saying he’s dead serious about nailing the wrongdoers. We hope it’s an agenda he urgently holds himself to. I believe we must co-operate to let the reforms he is planning to push in. Immature and mindless protests are not going to take us anywhere.

The PM was again right in urging for the parliament sessions to be carried out seamlessly. This has not been the case with recent protests by the opposition. With the budget session of Parliament days away, it is time for a bit of perspective. Afterall, democracy is but a vegetable without a functioning parliament.


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