Orkut vs. Facebook

It was only 5 years back when Orkut was the primary mode of being connected with old and new friends, at-least for us Indians. It was Orkut that introduced Indians to the idea of social networking. The terms ‘orkutting’, ‘scrapping’, ‘testimonial likh na’, ‘fan ban ja’ were a part of daily jargon for Indian youth. Then, suddenly someone else stole Orkut’s thunder.

Facebook has dominated social networking for quite a while now. Facebook has continuously innovated and kept their competitors silent. Orkut, Buzz and Wave together couldn’t stop the way Facebook swept the market of social networking. Facebook not just keeps friends connected but is also exceptional in business networking. Under such market domination by Facebook, the question is- can Google make a comeback?

Well, you never know what can happen in the next 5 years! Google has changed its strategy of giving step son treatment to Orkut. They are coming out with newer strategies to compete Facebook. All we can do is wait and watch for the outcome.


3 responses to “Orkut vs. Facebook

  1. The only reason facebook went ahead of all the other social networking sites is because it brought an authenticity to the profiles which reduced spam. Do you remember the automatic scraps and the useless celebrity faced friends who always wrote lYk di$?

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