How strong are our developmental grounds?

Obama considers India as a defining and indispensable power of the 21st century. And we are happy about it! But we seriously lack in one aspect. Our grounds for development is IT. Tomorrow, if IT fails, or a competitor surpasses India in IT sector, our economy will crumble like a house of cards. I seriously don’t understand why are we busy making our economy a reactive system instead of a proactive system.

No matter how many jobs are created in India, we will have to depend on US, Japan, Europe or China for high-tech industrial products. This is bad news! Why are we poor manufacturers? I don’t understand why we can’t have our own aircraft manufacturing when we are so proud of Chnadrayan and the missiles we have built! Why couldn’t HAL in fifty plus years develop this? Was it lack of funds or foresight? Why doesn’t the government focus on HAL or encourage the private companies like M&M or Tata in doing so.

The same lack of foresight has kept Indian homes dark and without electricity. Power failure in New York becomes world news and India still fails the basic right of every citizen, even in metropolitan cities, leave alone the rural areas. Unless the government can not provide basic amenities and welfare to the masses, India becoming a super power is just wishful thinking.


One response to “How strong are our developmental grounds?

  1. Indian intellectual resources hardly gets converted into our economic resources just because our people don’t want to think out of traditional way.

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