Media and Adarsh scam

It is good to see media’s effort to expose corruption in the recent Adarsh scam. Congress politicians and Bureaucrats had grabbed the housing meant for widows of Kargil war heroes, and media has done a decent job in exposing them. Well, what is funnier and obvious on the media front, is the competition going amongst them to prove who broke this news.

IBN in its story How IBN7 exposed the Adarsh Society scam claims “IBN7 was the first to expose the Adarsh Society scam. The channel broke the story as early as April 2 of this year.” Times of India in their article Adarsh turns into Cong nightmare reports “The Adarsh housing scam, which The Times of India exposed a week ago, is getting murkier by the day.” Every other media house is playing the same game.

But there is a difference between good media and hungry media! Well, it is Indian Express that had actually broken this news 7 years back! Indian Express in their article Officer in CBI net ropes big fish for prime Mumbai plot had reported the whole scam in black and white. And Indian Express is no where seen in the game of taking credits of breaking the news. Now the question is why, after 7 years of stupidity, is the national media all of a sudden going gaga on the issue? Is it to hide their non-responsiveness, which is by and large a greater issue than the scam itself?


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