Rupee symbol and India’s look west policy

It made me really happy to know that Indian currency has found a symbol. It surely is an optimistic move by the government. Critics may claim that this move is of no use, but lets understand, that this move claims how confident India is, in the global market. It makes me feel proud that Indian rupee has joined the elite club of global currencies like the US Dollar, the British Pound, European Euro and Japanese Yen that have unique symbols.

Now the next question is, as Dollar, Euro, Pound or Yen got a place on Key board will the Indian rupee get a place on the PC? So that people need not copy paste the image every time we need to mention it in somewhere. Well, the government has done its part! Now it is our turn to make it a success. Follow these simple steps here.

Will all these advancements in place, it’s high time we strengthen our look west policy. In 2005, Dr. Manmohan Singh first mooted India’s “Look West Policy” at the Prime Minister’s Trade and Economic Relations Committee (TERC) meeting. India and the Middle East have a long history of trade. Many Indians are employed in the Middle East. These countries are also a major source of oil for India, besides having collaborated in fighting terrorism. India’s rising international profile can be a boon here!


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