Birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Ah! Not for idle hatred!
Not for honor, fame,
nor self applause,
but for the glory of the cause
You did What will not be forgot!

Today is the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Whenever I think of this one man, I tremble, I loose my night’s sleep, my appetite. A question that I ask myself- they were only 23 years old, when they sacrificed their lives for a better future of this country. They gave their lives for their dream of a free, democratic and secular India. Yet today our Indian society is ravaged by the poison of fundamentalism, communal hatred, injustice and corruption. Have we betrayed their sacrifice?

“Unless the exploitation of man by man and of nations by nations is brought to an end, sufferings and carnage with which humanity is threatened today cannot be prevented.” – Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Good time to think about the dreams of those who gave us freedom. Good time to ask ourselves what we can do for the country and not what the country can do for us. Good time to be a part of the solution and not mere spectators of never-ending problems. I highly recommend you visit the Sankalp site to know more about Shaheed Bhagat Singh and more.


2 responses to “Birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

  1. Shaheed Bhagat Singh. We have seen in him movies, read him in literature, appraised him. But did we really realize what his worth was. Probably we didn’t.

    ‘Garam Dal’ and ‘Naram Dal’ was just a mere difference is strategies, in the end they were both in the same court. Gandhi gets the praise and a day to commemorate they day this great leader was born but nothing for Bhagat Singh who was a soldier on the frontline taking all the heat.

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