Where are the brave political leaders gone?

It is unfortunate that India lacks real brave leaders today. It was not so when the nation was born! Subhash, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar were brave to the core. And Mahatma was at the top of those brave souls who were ready to sacrifice everything to build the new nation. He was not even there to celebrate the day this nation won its freedom. Journalist Horace Alexander narrated an incident that occurred in that surcharged season:

One day when Gandhi was praying in a village, a Muslim caught him by the throat. Gandhi almost collapsed. But even as he fell down, he recited some lines from the Quran. On hearing them, the Muslim said, “I am sorry. I am prepared to protect you. Give me any work. Tell me what should I do?” Gandhi replied, “Do only one thing. When you go back home, do not tell anyone what you tried to do to me. Otherwise there will be Hindu-Muslim riots. Forget me and forgive yourself.”

I adore Mahatma as a leader of the nation in need. His focus was social reform and supporting the people at the bottom of the pyramid. He never spoke in terms of nationalism- his focus was people! He believed in ‘vasudaiva kutumbakam.’

If our politicians have chosen the profession of leadership, they must learn to live with its risks and not only demand a salary package higher than that of the bureaucrats. It is for the political leaders to come out with political solution and work for it fearlessly. I am sure most of our political leaders today work under the fear of their lives. How can they do their difficult job under such a situation? I think of Mamta and Chidambaram as the bravest among the political leaders in the ruling party today. Unfortunately, Mamta is low in intelligence and Chidambaram has not been allowed to work autonomously. And bot have their priorities and ideologies misplaced.


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