Bandh- Success or Failure?

A straight loss of 13 thousand crores! Who is to pay it back? Is the bandh even close to being a success? The success or failure of the Bharat bandh called by the opposition is a political issue, but it sure is a failure for the masses. Ask the men and women who couldn’t get to a doctor in emergency due to violence outside. Ask those who couldn’t afford food for the day. Ask them how successful the bandh was for them!

Though protest is a part of democracy but the very idea of shutting down a country is horrifying, especially for the masses who make a living on daily wages. Although, success and failure of a bandh is secondary; all that matters is the media attention a political party receives. It is high time we amend the Indian constitution to ensure that no bandh stops the regular processes of the nation. Let no political force be greater than the people they are supposed to serve.


2 responses to “Bandh- Success or Failure?

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