Atithi devo bhawah

The ministry of tourism is using this ancient adage to promote tourism by a publicity campaign. They are selling ‘Incredible India’. The ministry also started a campaign ‘Atithi devo bhavah’, which they claim- ‘A nation wide campaign that aims at sensitizing key stakeholders towards tourists, through a process of training and orientation’. They have also come up with some wonderful ads to promote this, with Aamir Khan as their brand ambassador-

‘Atithi devo bhavah’ is a social awareness campaign aimed at providing the inbound tourist a sense of being welcomed to the country. The ministry has a plan that includes various aspects like hygiene, Conduct and behaviour, Integrity, Safety and security. They even plan to train taxi drivers, baggage handlers at airport, tourist guides, hotel staff, employees of tour operators, immigration and customs officials. I’m pretty hopeful of this initiative. Let’s welcome our guests with open arms.

Last year India had 3.3 million visitors, but when you consider that Singapore gets 7 million a year, Thailand 9.6 million a year, Malaysia 11.5 million- our’s is a pretty small number! India has a lot to offer for travellers and tourism enthusiasts. Here are a few more videos-

Watch more ads here, here and here.

The plan also includes Sensitization, screening, induction, training & orientation, certification and feedback of key stakeholders of the tourism industry in India. With this strong initiative, we hope to soon welcome more tourists to India. Really appreciated!


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