Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Why are we scared of drinking water? Everytime, when we travel, why are we afraid to drink water from railway station filters? Why do we so often come across shouts of “Don’t drink that water!” ringing in our ears? And we take the advice seriously- we pledge our loyalty to bottled water, we distrust the ability of water filters to tame the toughest bacteria, and the money we spend on water during an average day of travel, is more than the daily wages of half of our countrymen!

I suggest you watch this video by the story of stuff project before reading further-

70% of earth is covered with water. 57% of human body weight is water. And still, a middle class working class hero is afraid of it! He purchases bottles, which are never recycled, and manufactured under conditions one will puke upon! The piping, the bottling, the transportation, the greenhouse gases are all unnecessary! So, not only we are ridiculing ourselves by becoming slaves to packaged water, but also adding enormous amount of wastes to our mother earth! Bottled water is not safer and certainly not cheaper than running water! And I don’t think it tastes any better either!

Why don’t we start using reusable bottles? Have we totally forgotten bottles made of stainless steel or lined aluminum? Start reusing any convenient bottle you have at hand! More than 80% of the country drinks regular municipality supplied water- are they dead? Why only the privileged few has stomach-ache, head-ache, tooth-ache if they drink running water? The point is simple! Humans are getting conditioned by their own luxuries. We are being pampered to an extent that only disasters teach us to appreciate the nature and all its offerings, or are we waiting for a day when water will be costlier than petroleum?


8 responses to “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

  1. While what was explained in the video is sadly true.. The stats that tap is just as safe as bottled water is true only in america. I personally buy as little bottled water as possible and i do fill up my water at major stations but there were occassions when the taps and tap water in the railway stations stinked and i could not take the risk of ruining my vacation for ten bucks.. Good luck for the contest

  2. It a gr8 post u gt dere buddy. But make sure u ask before using the graphics from my blog. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Water water everywhere is a nice article with the video from stuff project.
    It is high time that Indian Government should do more for the environment and stop this kind misuse by the concerns and big companies.

    PS: We have recommended your article to our readers. Thanks

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  6. The day when water will be costlier than petroleum is not far away!!!

  7. soon water 2b costlier than petroleum!!!

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