Remembering Veenadhari

Ms Veenadhari from Mangalore was one of the first HIV victims to openly admit her disease. From a teacher, she turned into a well-known social worker and an ardent activist for the rights of HIV infected. She followed and advocated ayurveda and naturopathy approach to living with the disease.

Ms Veenadhari was happily settled in Mangalore after her marriage, until she discovered that she has the terrible disease. She broke up with her husband who had unknowingly passed on the virus to her. Since then, she worked day-and-night offering emotional and psychological support to thousands of people infected with HIV. These victims approached her for consultation, and her support and smile filled them with life! She organized numerous camps for these victims, as her condition worsened. But she never let the smile off her face. She died on 1st November, 2007.

Death is inevitable. But for Veenadhari, she will live in the minds of people she lived for. Such was her courage, her dedication, confidence, and service to the society. She lived each moment positively and taught the world that HIV positive people also can lead a dignified life till the end.


3 responses to “Remembering Veenadhari

  1. Recently I was thinking about Veenadhari . Is a nice article indeed.

  2. Nice and short introduction of Ms Veendhari….
    Yes your rite… she was a breve lady from My Hometown…

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