Khudiram Bose

British once organized an exhibition in Medinipur in Bengal. Their intention was to hide the injustice of the British using articles like pictures and puppets, and display that British were helping the people of India. Suddenly a 16 years old boy appeared with a bundle of hand-made bills, titled ‘Sonar Bangla’. It carried the slogan ‘Vande Mataram’. The true purpose of the British in putting up the exhibition was also exposed.

He calmly distributed the hand bill to villagers around. When a policeman caught hold of the boy’s hand, he jerked free his hand, powerfully struck the nose of the policeman, snatched his handbills, and roared, “Take care, don’t touch my body! I will see how you can arrest me without a warrant.”

Inspired by ‘Anandamath‘ he hated that it was treason to shout ‘Vande Mataram’. In the eyes of the British saluting your own Mother now was an act of treason! He believed, ‘India is my country. Why, then, are the red-faced British here? Under them, my people cannot even live as they wish. When I grow up, I must somehow drive them out.’ He soon joined Jugantar, one of the two main secret revolutionary trends operating in Bengal for Indian independence. Jugantar was outraged by Kingsford’s brutal torture on Sushil Kumar, a young boy of 15. Khudiram and Prafulla Chaki, his friend, decided to Kill Kingsford. But the bomb which was supposed to kill Kingsford, ended up killing 2 ladies and a servant.

After 50 kms of continuous chase, Khudiram was arrested. After two months of mockery, verdict was delivered. The Magistrate read his judgment sentencing Khudiram to death. Khudiram was still smiling. The judge asked, “Do you understand what this means?” Khudiram replied with a smile “I know its meaning better than you.” he declared, “Like the heroic Rajput women, I wish to die for the freedom of my country. The thought of the gallows does not make me unhappy in the least. My only regret is that Kingsford could not be punished for his crimes. I want to die soon so that i come back again to fight the British!”

Khudiram was brought to the gallows at 6 A. M. on the 11th August, 1908. He was still smiling. Serenely he walked to the post. For the last time he cried aloud, ‘Vande Mataram’ and then put his hand into the noose. He was only 19 years old.


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  1. Wow! Its really out of the die without a single sign of fear is the real lion heart..hail the matyrs..

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