The elephant stampede

It is very painful to read that in an unfortunate incident, 65 people were killed, that too for absolutely no reason. One electric wire, and one rumor; that’s it! Uncontrollable stampede happened at the Kripalu Maharaj’s ashram in UP, where food and utensils were distributed to mark the 1st anniversary of the wife of the swami.

It is to be noted here that the swami was charged with kidnapping and rape in two cases in Nagpur in 1991. Blame the followers!

But here’s the most disgusting part. The Chief Minister of UP declares that the state is in an “acute financial crisis” and has no funds for the stampede victims! It is to be understood here that stampede is a perfect example of Charles Darwin theory. Only the fit survive, leaving mainly women, old and children as victims. The CM has spent 2500 crores for erecting her and elephant’s statues and parks, but doesn’t have anything to help these victims! What a shame!


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