Speak about issues, not individuals!

I was reading my teacher’s blog the other day and was overwhelmed to know that he believes in a principle to the core- “Do not talk about individuals, talk about issues”. I’ve seen him implementing this. On this context, let me address the current Indian media. Everytime when I tackle such issues, I borrow heavily from P Sainath sir, my favorite journalist. It’s long since our country’s media has taken up actual “issues” and done justice with them- price rise, farm crisis and rural injustice being the worst reported till date.

We live in a country where every issue is reduced to a fight between individuals, heroic, villainous or just fun figures. So the complex issues behind the shunning of Pakistani cricketers by the Indian Premier League have reduced to a fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Bal Thackeray. The agonies of Bundelkhand are not about hunger and distress in our Tiger Economy. They are just a stand-off between Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati. The issues of language and migrations in Maharashtra are merely a battle between Rahul Gandhi and Uddhav Thackeray. And the coverage is all about who blinked first, who lost face. Here I go again, taking lot many names, again.

As our TV and newspaper reporters blabber, I read somewhere “freedom of expression”. Frankly, we have neither. All we are left off with, is twisted freedom and a tortured expression. Issues today are either used to scare people, or entertain them. And all we do about it is hold a bag of popcorn and watch.


8 responses to “Speak about issues, not individuals!

  1. hello friend,
    you have expressed your views well, keep writing..

    I can understand Hindi but can’t read that fluently 😦 thanks for the link though..

    best wishes..

  2. couldn’t agree with you more…

    you’ve told exactly what I had in mind. Our media is reduced to a bunch of paparazzi. Its more like newstainment!

  3. Loved it, its true..
    especially loved this line “twisted freedom and a tortured expression”. Yes i agree with this, we don’t have freedom to express our feelings, if we do, its an offense..

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