Shall we find a new national animal?

With Only 1411 tigers remaining in India, its shocking to read that a century ago there were 40,000 tigers and there has been a decline of 60% in the past decade. Rudyard Kipling’s India was a land of fantasy, which is slowly turning into a nightmare. A country where tiger is the spirit of Indian jungle, the symbol of Indian wilderness is disappearing slowly and steadily.

Indian and Chinese authorities are being accused of doing almost nothing to stop the rapid decline of tigers. In midst of this drought, it’s a brave move by Aircel to take this issue up, for whatsoever financial benefit, and create a general consciousness for it. I hope we will succeed in saving our national animal and many other endangered species. Let’s not reach a state where man becomes our national animal. Naah… We don’t deserve that respect!


2 responses to “Shall we find a new national animal?


    Nice post and my views are in the post mentioned above. We should do our bit to save the nature’;s wonder – The Tiger…

  2. A short snarl- and every living objects come to know that The King is on the prowl. The silence is eerie. Even the wind stops it’s sibilant growling. The mouth of the gurgling electric brook is gradually unveiling it’s beauty in the pale moonlight… and there flashes the black-yellow striped- crouched majestically on a huge mound of earth.’ So, end of days of The Bellundur Ogre or The Aristocrat of Amilgola, now is the time to write an elegy on them. No, don’t do accept this pessimistic speech for granted. Growl like Him- The King of Indian Jungle. Don’t spare them who cause to degenerate our democracy in it’s every fine shades and help themselves get their pockets fatter and fatter and fatter. Yes, they are the true unholy partners of the jackal Mr. Anderson, who feed on the living corpses of our democracy- day in and day out. Save The King. He depends on us. In fact, it is more important to save Him ’cause He is the most dependent one in the eco-system, crouched on top of the pyramid. So the number 1411 easily transpires how much do we care to protect our ecological balance. So, save Him to save yourself.

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