My name is the-mockery-see

I am completely disgusted by the Sena-SRK drama going around. Here we have Shiv Sena, with their electoral fortunes and their relevance eroding heavily, they thereby taking a swing at anyone and everyone; SRK being their ideal target. Sena has targeted his latest film with typical made-for-media attacks on theatres screening the movie.

SRK is making petty noises but still sticking to his guns. Eventually both sides benefit. The movie gets a lot of publicity that money can’t buy and Sena gets the sort of whipped up sentiments that the MNS has been denying lately. This is not a “publicity stunt” of SRK! But once it happened, he would be an idiot not to extract full mileage out of it. It’s the same with Shiv Sena.

What irritates me the most, is the cheer-leading going around for both sides, on the internet and otherwise. Those who support the Sena are peddling the same old issues, that can only sound worth listening to, by raising voice or resorting to violence. And those sticking up for SRK are either debating over it and blaming the Sena from back, or inspiring others to buy tickets to SRK’s film as a sign of defiance. This is the major reason why our civil liberties keep getting eroded by  the villains of the world. Is is our idea of civil disobedience- buying a movie ticket?


One response to “My name is the-mockery-see

  1. Yea its entire country has suddenly nothing to discuss except the movi and the polics around it. Its pathetic..I wish we can be so excited about the real issues..

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