Are those good old days gone?

I often wonder, will there come an era in cinema when directors like Kubrick, Kurosawa, Ray, Bergman, Fellini and Welles will ever be born again? Is it just because those techniques have been replaced by the modern digital imagery and 3-D animation, or simply a void that has been created? I often wonder, do these greats have any successors, or their vision, style and story-telling skills are only case studies for present day directors and critics?

When Roman Polanski came into picture, most critics predicted that he is an heir of Alfred Hitchcock- the greatest showman of English cinema. Many believe David Lynch is the next Stanley Kubrick. This thought ridicules me. I can accept Woody Allen as an heir to Ingmar Bergman, but accepting David Lynch is just too much! Just because a director includes disturbing images and ultra violence in his films, he can not match the vision of Kubrick of Welles. Not in his dreams. I’d rather watch a film by Darren Aronofsky or Christopher Nolan for their free spirit!


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