3 Idiots vs Munnabhai

3 idiots is definitely a comedy bollywood was waiting for quite some time but it certainly fails to stand up to the decade defining Munnabhai flicks. Being an engineering student myself who has stayed in hostel for 6 years now, I could relate to it pretty well. The trademark Hirani gags went well hand in hand. But this film suddenly seems to loose its charm due the point it lacks. It speaks about the system as a whole but misses a point of view. It lacks in the naive idealism and old-fashioned sincerity that Hirani has presented in the Munnabhai classics.

While Munnabhai manages to make you shed an unexpected tear, this goes for full throttle melodrama. The film due to its pace seem to undergo push button emotions. The coincidences are conveniently put and anyone with a normal IQ (or EQ) can guess them. Trying to justify pissing outside a teacher’s house, and lowering pants on certain scenes tend to kill the emotions attached with them.

Please don’t take me wrong. This film stands out for it’s inherent optimism in the plot and the sheer good nature of its characters. While Aamir Khan delivers a master performance as Rancho whose cheery “all is well” chant will make its way to stand up to the popularity of  “jadoo ki jhappi”. Sharman Joshi seems to be a better performer than R madhavan, mainly because of the character they have played. Unfortunately, the master performance that goes unnoticed is of Omi Vaidya as Chatur. Recommended for its hearty gags and a beautiful plot.


One response to “3 Idiots vs Munnabhai

  1. Great appreciable sincere critics…
    check my comments on yours critics below:

    Unaffected Simplicity is something which is not the demand of the current crowd which sincerely requires some twist out of the monotonicity, which u may understand probably once you indulge a bit more into maturity. Need to possess the emotional discipline within yourself which is the most important…. which means the control over yours emotions to pretend it economically and intelligently in the right direction. Think on the moral which being to watch, enjoy and go back home with something and not much of learning thoughts ….that is to admire the potential in oneself and boost out that “I am I” “someone different”…. probably you may be able to understand what I mean here to convey..
    The comparison is relevant what you did but out of that the film really is good presentation with appreciable performance of all and is able to deliver a positive attitude if one can correctly capture that….

    Beside this comment I am really glad with the progress at yours end. We all really think a lot have lots of imagination but I would appreciate yours credentials here that you are putting yours imaginations into actions…. which I am really unable to explore maybe due to lack of ample time but to be precise its all due to lack of dedication.
    The en devour at yours side in all the steps you are taking may be from the publications of the poems yours social delivery or the sincere articles in the blogs here are really awesome. Hope you would continue exploring yourself and proceed towards the feeling of happiness…. Euphoria.
    All my best wishes with you dear brother hope you soon shine as a face in the crowd remarkably.
    Luv U… 🙂

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