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The intention of Rashomon

All the greatest film critics over the past 60 years have interpreted Rashomon on their way. Some conclude by saying that truth is subjective. Some even prove the woodcutter to be the villain in the great Rashomon murder mystery, since … Continue reading

The punctuation of Rashomon

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kurosawa’s film editing is the use of cinematic punctuation. Rashomon has 420 shots in all. This is twice the average of his other films. Yet these shots never call attention to themselves. They … Continue reading

The composition of Rashomon

Rashomon is an apparent mystery, an elliptical intent, which has fascinated audiences all over the world for more than 60 years now. Rashomon is Kurosawa in his full glory, and the cinematic intensity of the film is absolutely unmatched. For … Continue reading


Rashomon is a 1950 Japanese film by Akira Kurosawa, highly regarded for its philosophical undertones and its exploration of the unfathomable human psyche – a brilliantly spun riddle. It is about the four people, who give four different versions of … Continue reading

Picture perfect Kurosawa

Well, Kurosawa was not just perfect. He was picture perfect. Satyajit Ray recalls- “The effect of Rashomon on me was electric. I saw it three times on consecutive days, and wondered each time if there was another film anywhere which gave … Continue reading