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Remembering M.S.

MS-SubbulakshmiM.S. Subbulakshmi has inspired many generations, through her divine voice and her rare qualities of humility, compassion discipline and principles of conduct. Her quest for perfection and sincerity of effort were not reserved for the stage. Her own simple lifestyle and donation of most of her earnings to charity were the testament to the person she was. Continue reading


The problem with elementary school system

school_4How does it feel if half of the buses and trains supposed to be running are cancelled at random? And how long will we stand such disruption? At most a day or two, maybe a week. Well, a similar disruption in the daily lives of our children has been happening quietly for years. About half of the time, there is no teaching going on in government primary schools, while these voiceless students suffer. Read the complete article in Sankalp’s site