Monthly Archives: October 2013

Art and ideology

Pablo-Picasso-Painting-001When a nawab smokes his hookah, he takes pride in it belonging to the times of his great-grandfathers. Rarely does he realize, that each part of the hookah has been replaced numerous times in the life span of the nawab himself. May it be the base, the hose, the shaft or the grommet – not a single part is old enough. What then brings pride to the nawab? Well, it’s the continuity of the usage of the hookah that matters. Art – just like tradition – shares a similar relationship with ideology. Continue reading

On communism

communismSocialism did not begin with Marx. It was born while man was still homeless, and lived through the times when people helped each other in building their homes, or farmers helped each other in ploughing their fields. The previous century witnessed the rise and the apparent fall of the political and revolutionary aspect of socialism, or communism. Continue reading