Monthly Archives: April 2013

The forest man

Jadav_PayengRural India is filled with examples where one man’s vision and hard-work have accomplished seemingly impossible dreams. May it be Dashrath Manjhi of Gaya who single-handedly carved out a 110 meters long tunnel through a hill working day and night for 22 years; or Armstrong Pame, a young IAS officer from Manipur who is set out to build a 100 km long road. While tunnels and roads are man made, here is one man who single handedly converted a sandbar into a 1,360 acre dense forest, working day and night for 30 years – Jadav ‘Mulai’ Payeng from Jorhat, Assam. Continue reading


Kids of Persia

persian_childrenIf I were to recommend films for children’s viewing, 8 out of 10 films would be from Iran. Iranian cinema is known for its childlike innocence, moral values, rural beauty and poetic elegance. It is entirely different from the western media’s portrayal of post-revolution Iran, which paints a picture of war, repressive mullahs and fundamentalists. Propagandists still argue that the paradox is a direct consequence of the censorship there. The larger picture, however, is much more complex and interesting. Continue reading

Outside the garden

garbage2How does a refrigerator maintain the cool temperature inside? It does so, by disposing off the hot air outside. Even an air conditioner works on the same principle of compressors. This may work fine with machines. But in reality, can human lives be compressed the same way? Can their emotions, their agony, their complaints be compressed? Well, some questions, no matter how disturbing, must be analysed – if not answered. Continue reading