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Growing bridges

living_root_bridges_4It is unfortunate how man has come to believe that it’s existence has to be at the cost of nature’s destruction. In the mad run for urbanization, industrialization and ‘civilization’, we have brought down numerous forests, flattened hills and dried lakes and rivers. Rarely do we realize that, natives of India have a lasting legacy of man’s coexistence with nature. Take the example of Meghalaya. Since as long as man has existed in these rainforests, they have not built bridges. They’ve grown them. Continue reading


Christy Daniel Lincoln

?????????????Once Christy Brown, then HawkeyeGerry ConlonBill the ButcherDaniel Plainview, and now Lincoln – it’s hard to believe that all these roles have been played by the same actor. The effortlessness, the elegance in his performances often make us believe that it is not Daniel Day Lewis mesmerizing us, but Christy Brown, or Lincoln, playing himself. Continue reading

Friends, romans and countrymen

sycophantIt is a huge diplomatic win for us as the two Italian marines were returned to India in order to stand trial for shooting two fishermen off the coast of Kerala last winter. There may be vested political interests in it, but the Government of India taking a stand when white men turn into offenders in criminal acts, is a rare thing to happen, and deserves attention. Continue reading

Why I support the pakistani cricket team

Pakistan-CricketMany of my readers have raised eyebrows after I have liked the Pakistani Cricket team on Facebook. I do not feel the need to justify myself, since it is but obvious that cricket is a display of skills and temperament and has nothing to do with one’s political preferences. I have ceased to remain a cricket fan, after they started covering half of the TV screen with ads, and cheerleaders took over dada’s enthusiasm. However, I do find it an interesting idea for an article; why someone – who has the least interest in cricket, would go all the way and like the cricket team of a ‘rival’ country? Continue reading

The good, the god, and the ugly

1297-Gangsters-729x1024The Godfather (Copolla, 1972) is not just the best film of the mafia genre, but also a gold mine of characters and situations. It is difficult to track the number of films in Bollywood, which have either copied the film, or drawn inspirations from it. Well, the second most influential mafia film is obviously – Scarface (De Palma, 1983). With a rags to riches story, involvement of very little brain and bloodshed written all over, Scarface became the template for the 80’s and 90’s crime cinema of India. Continue reading