Monthly Archives: January 2013

Lights camera youtube

garam hawaFor a moment let’s forget world cinema. Let’s forget Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and John Abraham. Let’s also forget about the early Hindi cinema which belonged to the likes of Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Bimal Roy and V Shantaram. Any serious film viewer will ask – “what remains to be watched?” Well, my friend, the answer is there on YouTube. Continue reading


Nero’s guests

neros_guestsWorking in plush offices, earning high salaries and living up-market life styles, there are many among us who are not even aware of the agrarian crisis of India. For many, a weekend is all about catching up with the latest movie and partying on the latest dance beats. 2 lakh farmers have committed suicides and we have become the perfect bystanders. Let us all make a resolution this year- that we will not become Nero’s Guests. If there is time to change, it is now. Continue reading

Boom! bam! smash! thud!

superheroPull on your under-wears, strap your utility belt, roll on your cape and prepare to fly. It is interesting how the number of films made on comic books have increased significantly over the past decade. Beginning with the 1978 Superman’s success, filmmakers have increasingly adapted a multitude of superheroes for the screen. The alternative graphic novels like Sin City, 300, From Hell, V for Vendetta and Road to Perdition are not far behind. Then there are unique films like American Splendor.  Continue reading