Monthly Archives: January 2013

Gearing up

irritatedEver been irritated by clocks that tick too loudly, or by soap dishes that collect water and ruin the soap? Ever tried to plug USB drives the wrong way? Ever struggled with scissors with small holes where your fingers just wont fit in? Ever struggled with a remote control in a neighbour’s place? Ever bumped your leg into furnitures with sharp corners at knee height? Ever wondered why umbrellas have sharp metal points right at eye-level? Ever been interviewed by an ATM machine? Ever lifted a metallic trash can’s lid with hand, whose cheap plastic pedals are broken? Continue reading


Horn, not ok

blow_hornOn a winter morning, during the office hours, about a hundred vehicles stood, honking discreetly at the traffic signal to go green. Soon afterwards, when the signal went green, like shepherds daunting their herds of sheep, the vehicles behind started to honk continuously at the ones in-front. Every vehicle honked indifferently. These were machines and not humans honking at each other. The honking continued while the pedestrians silently suffered. An everyday story of every traffic jam, in every city of India. Continue reading

Cry me a river

DEveryday, I drink Kaveri – the most disputed water of India; the water which is worshiped by millions and fought over by a million others. The Kaveri water debate between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, now over 200 years old, continues to be one of the biggest issues facing South India. Read my latest article on the-NRI.

Readers-writers problem

big_brotherWe all have some books we absolutely love. We love them so much that we lend them to everyone we know. There are shops thriving on renting and re-selling of used printed books. With ebooks taking over the market, this may not be the case. Possessing unauthorized copies of these ebooks may become the only ethically acceptable way. Sharing, according to most ebooks market leaders of today, is a crime. With the market at its transition phase, ebooks can either increase or decrease a reader’s freedom. We, the authors, the readers and the lovers of literature must strongly demand the increase. Continue reading

News and not-news

media-lies“Girls are unsafe on streets? Who is to blame?” – ran the headline. The self proclaimed prophet of the melodramatic corporate news channel blamed a political party. The leader of the political party blamed the opposition. The opposition leader blamed the girls. The feminist blamed the men. An hour of the average Indian television viewer was wasted. One of the reasons I feel blessed in life is that I don’t watch television and am not driven by popular media. Continue reading