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Rancho Bhai B.Tech

Our hero walks into a reputed college and makes his first mark during a ragging session. In his very first class, he questions a teacher and gets thrown out. He falls in love with the dean’s daughter. The dean is authoritative – to an extent that the institution has lost some basic values of education. Our hero then challenges the dean, tops every single exam, and finally proves his mettle by performing a medical miracle. Everything is forgiven while the hero leaves the college without a degree for himself. Well, can you guess which film are we talking about? Munna Bhai MBBS? Or 3 Idiots? That’s formula for film viewers.
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Méliès Chaplin Phalke

Cinema has always been a close follower of technology. From implementation of newer color or sound technologies to computer generated graphics and 3D montages – cinema since its inception, has amazed audiences. Under such a setup, when filmmakers are continuously searching for newer techniques, we have recently witnessed a series of films which have instead, paid tribute to the classics and made their mark. Continue reading

Monopolized retail in USA

The government has passed a policy which may jeopardize the livelihood security of 12 million small retailers, 40 million hawkers and at least 200 million (of the 600 million) small farmers – a small sacrifice to be made for ensuring success of the organised retail boom. While media, corporates and politicians are busy calling FDI a reform, among many other arguments, a common argument made for FDI is that it is greatly successful in the USA. Well, is it? Continue reading

It’s bad, and worse

First, Bangalore witnessed a bus strike with thousands of private vehicles on roads but not one willing to help a pedestrian walking side-by. This was followed by a series of horrible decisions by the government, when they hiked diesel price and brought in FDI, and now the Bharat Bandh. We are living through bad times – indeed. Continue reading

21 Sikhs

On this day, in the records of military warfare, a tale of bravery was written – when an army of 21 soldiers, in an isolated communications post, made a gallant stand against an enemy 10,000 strong. Fighting to the last man, they would create a lasting legacy of human bravery and valour on the battlefield. The Battle of Saragarhi is a tale of 21 Sikhs who remained unconquered even in death. Read my latest article in the-NRI.