Monthly Archives: June 2012

From JEE to CET

Sibal wants to bring in changes in the IIT entrance process. He suggests a common entrance test for the IITs and the NITs, in a two-paper format which will include a main test and an advanced test. While this move can be debated, it still may bring some streamlining in the entrance process. But just when we start thinking that all may get well, we hear that class XII board examination scores will be given 50% weightage in the entrance procedures. Continue reading


The Siachen affair

It is unfortunate for the families of the 129 Pakistani soldiers who perished in the recent avalanche in Siachen. We humans are so helpless against nature. General Kayani must have felt the pain of these soldiers, since, for the first time, he spoke the language of peace. This is welcome, but we must not get carried away by mere expressions, and create a catch 22 situation for ourselves. Continue reading

Third industrial revolution

A country that can design, manufacture and launch Agni V, RISAT-1 and missile defense system certainly has the skills and potential to become a great manufacturing power. Why then, India lags in manufacturing when compared to other Asian countries? While poor level of infrastructure (power, road, and port) remain India’s biggest hurdle for getting into global manufacturing, a huge potential of India remains, untapped. Continue reading

Knot around its neck

There is one funny thing about politicians. When empowered, they often do things they don’t have to do. Issues like image, statesmanship, credibility and long-term interests are ignored in the rush for immediate gain. Party high commands fail to stop such people. While Congress is famous for this, the non-stop Yeddyurappa fiasco fits into this pattern. Continue reading

Access (to our freedom) denied

Governments across the world are becoming desperate to regulate, censor and restrict the free and open nature of the Internet. Recently Torrentz, Vimeo, The Pirate Bay, and many other websites were blocked by Indian ISPs. Eventually most of the blocks were lifted but the drama in those few days, have left us with numerous alarming questions. Let the enemies of the freedom of Internet know, that they are fighting a lost battle. Read my recent article on the-NRI.