Monthly Archives: April 2012

What’s rotten?

There is no doubt that India has been of invaluable use to our beloved International Minister of Cricket. But of what use has our Agricultural Minister been to India? His Wikipedia page is half filled with controversies, criticism and corruption allegations. When the food security bill was introduced, he outrightly said that free distribution of grains to the poor was not an implementable idea. Of course he can’t because, among other things, he won’t. Continue reading


Kolkata to London

Mamata Banerjee is a street fighter, and certainly not an intellectual. Street fighters do have a role to play in a stubborn democracy like ours. What is not fine, however, is that she does not know the difference between a street leader and a government leader. She does not know what it is to be the chief minister of a state or the controller of Indian Railways. This is where she differs from the Communist Party of India (Marxist). She seeks power and does not have any ideology or ground rules to subscribe to. Continue reading

Self defeating communal politics

Recently, A. R. Rahman’s song ‘Hosanna‘ made news. A gentleman representing a Christian organisation, said that the song hurts the sentiments of the ‘Christians and Jews around the world’. I wonder who authorized him to speak on their behalf? Christians and Jews might use the word Hosanna in a devotional context, but the word has become part of the English language and is widely used. Continue reading

Parliament vs military

In-spite of 24 hour coverage of the recent ‘Parliament vs Military cold war’, our ‘intellectual’ media heroes terribly failed in identifying or addressing any of the real problems the series of events posed. Read my latest article on the NRI.

Victims of victimhood

It is unfortunate how victim-hood has become the highest virtue in the life of most Indians. We love to show ourselves off to the world as victims. We tend to forget everything we learned as we grew about taking responsibility for ourselves, not crying out to the world, solving our own problems, standing on our own feet. Suddenly it has become desirable and fashionable to moan. Continue reading