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Where is India’s Iron lady?

While Indian political leaders are busy erecting statues deifying them, can a film ever be made which humanizes them? Despite my political differences, the Iron Lady was a treat to watch, I wonder how far is India from producing one of its own. Read my latest article on the NRI.


The punctuation of Sanjuro

One of Kurosawa’s greatest punctuational accomplishments lies in the memorable climax of Sanjuro- the splendid final duel between Mifune and Nakadai. They meet outside the city. They face each other, both being fine swordsmen. Swords still in sheaths, they confront each other. There is a 15 seconds of pause, an enormous amount for the climax of the film, which none but Kurosawa could have accomplished! Continue reading

The composition of Sanjuro

Sanjuro is often considered a sequel to Yojimbo. It was released immediately after Yojimbo. Mifune’s name again is Sanjuro, the characterization and mannerisms are almost similar in both films, at-least on the superficial level. Both films have Nakadai playing the central villain’s role. The scene is redundant in both films, where Mifune looks outside and declares his name after what he sees! Continue reading

The intention of Sanjuro

Sanjuro is, by many means, one of the most light-hearted films of Kurosawa. The theme of the film is similar to many others- reality vs. illusion. For the theme, the flavor, for the first time is comedy. It is a jidai-geki, for the first time, ridiculing itself! Continue reading

The Indian Machiavelli?

While Machiavelli remains one of the brightest names in the field of political science, Chanakya, the Indian Machiavelli- as Wikipedia introduces him, in spite of the fact that his works predate Machiavelli’s by about 1,800 years- the founding father of the Mauryan Empire after defeating the Nanda and Alexander’s forces, remains underrated. Continue reading

The hand that failed to wave

After failures in numerous other states, the Congress General Secretary has clearly failed to work wonders for the party again. Not that he was expected to, but a respectable show in UP would have strengthened his credentials as a leader. Despite multiple shows by him and his sister Mrs Vadra in Amethi and Rae Bareilly, two of the Congress strongholds, they lost 8 of the 10 seats there.  Why has the party, as a whole failed to nourish new leadership? Continue reading

The punctuation of Yojimbo

The punctuation of Yojimbo cannot be explained by camera cuts and frame speed alone. Here, music and movements are heavily deployed to enforce punctuation. The film’s beginning and end depict overture and postlude. The heroism of our protagonist is accompanied with a musical theme and distinctive styles. Here, the subtle interplay of movements create magic! Continue reading