Monthly Archives: February 2012

Caste-ing votes

UP elections by-and-large mirror the way elections are contested in India. First regional quotas, then caste based quotas, now quotas based on religion? How much more must the right to equality suffer? Read my latest article on the NRI.

Lights, camera, fiction

A new trend is emerging in Indian cinema. Our new directors are fascinated about making derived films on real or known stories. Take Raavan, No One Killed Jessica and Raajneeti for example. These films had fictionalized an entire set of events, but viewers already knew whom they were seeing on screen. They kept comparing or contrasting, and due to a lack of good performances could not do justice with the concept. Continue reading

Marxism, nationalism and martyrdom…

In a modern sense, Nationalists and Communists are soul enemies. The last time a party combined the two and came to power, World War II happened and millions of people were killed. Interestingly, both the nationalists and the communists of India consider Shaheed Bhagat Singh as their hero. And why not? Bhagat Singh was among the few people, who had taken the best of the two ideologies. Continue reading

A nation can’t run faster than its education

Swami Vivekananda had written this letter to Shrimati Sarala Ghoshal, editor of The Bharati, Darjeeling, on the 24th of April, 1897. It is indeed interesting how, 115 years later, everything written about Indian education in the letter still applies. Continue reading

Twisted Indian media

Media is the new Indian god- deciding the fate and interpreting the world for all, telling us what to dream, what to think, what to debate. The media has forgotten that the masses are always more intelligent than a single intellectual. Read my latest article on the NRI.