Monthly Archives: January 2012

We don’t need no education

2 million years ago, few apes met to discover fire. An hour passed. The friction was working out fine. Oxygen was abundant. There came a small spark! Things were warming up. The apes started to enjoy it, when suddenly a bell rang. It was time for them to invent the wheel! These apes were asked to make the remaining fire on the  next day. Continue reading


Duty to vote

NRIs have been made eligible to vote in the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur. The political scene of the nation affects them as well and they do have the right to decide which party, would serve the nation better, but the participation of NRIs in this is very low. Read my open letter to NRIs across the world.

The hands that built Bombay

This is the story of the 300,000 workers of Mumbai’s textile mills, most of whom lost their jobs. It was during early 1980s, over 125 years since these mills shaped the city of Mumbai, when the mill owners deemed these mills unprofitable declined the workers’ wages. The workers had no choice but to call for strike, which lasted for 18 months. The strike collapsed, and the once called Manchester of the East, fell flat. Unlike what most Bollywood films depict, this is the true story behind Mumbai underworld. Continue reading

Democracy and violence

In popular belief, democracy is about positive practices: freedom, justice, equality. The democratic processes take us closer to those goals. I have written numerous articles on different positive aspects of democracy earlier. However, if you look at it, in practice, democracy is not just about positive achievements. A lot of its success depends on its ability to keep negative outcomes away. Continue reading

The Sodexo drama

Sodexo is a French MNC and one of the largest food services and facilities management companies in the world. With about 4 lakh employees, representing 130 nationalities, they earned revenues of 15.3 billion euros last year. In India they issue food coupons to employees through various companies and firms, who offer it in their compensation packages. They are in news, since recently retail stores across the country suddenly stopped accepting these coupons. Continue reading