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भगतसिंह ने कहा था…

‎”The British are rocked, their roots have been shaken. There will be an agreement and they will leave this land in about fifteen years, but the people won’t be benefited in anyway. Many years will pass in confusion. Then the people will recall me” – Shaheed Bhagat Singh. On this event of the birthday of this great thinker and martyr, here is a compilation of a few of his speeches in Hindi- Continue reading

Whose crime is it anyway?

Off-late, we have literally hated our politicians and bureaucrats for recent corruption and scams India has suffered from. While debating public sectors, NGOs, to accept huge bribes and are dishonest, did we for once ask ourselves one simple question- “Who pays these bribes?” Well, it is the corporates! Why shouldn’t then, corporates not be covered under Lokpal? Continue reading

The Diaspora* revolution!

The free and open source answer to the ever degrading social networking is almost here! It is called Diaspora*. Like the Internet itself, Diaspora* isn’t housed in any one place, and it’s not controlled by any one entity, thereby giving us absolute control over our privacy! Continue reading

Fright club

Youth means mischief and mischief means ragging. So they say. The aggressive bully, the helpless victim, and the indifferent onlooker together constitute the educated layer of genX. Read my latest article on the NRI.

The wise and the biblical

It is beyond doubt that the two greatest Gangster films of the 90’s were Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas. What are the purpose of these two films exactly? I’m not sure. But they do deal a lot with the theme of power. Both these films stand out from the regular Gangster films we see around. What is so different about these two films? Continue reading

You ask how I spend my time

You ask how I spend my time
I nestle against a treetrunk
and listen to autumn winds
in the pines all night and day.
Shantung wine can’t get me drunk.
The local poets bore me.
My thoughts remain with you,
like the Wen River, endlessly flowing.
— Li Po (translated by Hamil). Continue reading

Sainath vs Arundhati

Both are bestselling leftist writers, winners of numerous awards, fierce advocates for India’s marginalized poor and passionate critics of western corporations and policies. Being a leftist myself, why do I love one and hate the other? Read my latest article on the NRI.