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Scandalous happy birthday

On 20th August, Congress celebrated Rajiv Gandhi’s birth anniversary. Well, that was another scam, to summarize. On 20th August, there were 108 ads amounting to more than 48 published pages in 12 prominent newspapers of India. Among the 21 advertisers extolling the virtues of the dear departed were the ministries of information and broadcasting, micro small and medium enterprises, power, health and family welfare, tourism, housing and urban poverty alleviation, new and renewable energy, women and child development, commerce and industry, steel, and social justice and empowerment. These advertisements were paid for from the public purse, but without the consent or concurrence of the public. Continue reading


Beware! Ye parliament!

UPA ministers claimed that people outside the parliament have no say in framing of a union legislative bill. They claimed that this power belongs only to the parliament. I need not mention that they are trying to divert away the focus from the whole issue. But even if, momentarily, I believe in these hypocritical tantrums of our members of parliament, I want to ask them a few questions. Continue reading

If they answer not to thy call, walk alone!

Today is Independence day. The day some of us wait so eagerly for! The day, I as a child never missed the flag hoisting ceremony on TV. The day, I hoisted flag in my colony and distributed sweets among my neighbours. The day I never missed the afternoon film on Doordarshan. Thanks to Sankalp, the day has only become more meaningful to me. Continue reading

Liberty and dignity

I understand that the past two years have been horrible in terms of scams, scandals and inflation. But it has given us something that we have fought for a long time – ‘dignity’. An open letter to the vibrant and dignified, emerging Indian middle classes. Read my latest article on the NRI.

Morsels and musings

“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.”
-Mark Kurlansky
(American journalist and writer) Continue reading