Monthly Archives: July 2011

Saffron terror

Saffron terror has been a great threat to the integrity and security of the nation for some time now. Why have some Hindus resorted to violence of this kind? An eye for an eye! How blind have we become? Read my latest article on the NRI.


Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair is a beautiful poem and song whose authorship is often debated. Although the song is generally credited to Paul Simon. This poem has a strange meditative feeling associated with it. This certainly a poem which flirts with the absurd but has just the perfect amount of abstraction. Continue reading

Notes on a by-election

Recently by-elections were held in Jamshedpur lok shabha constituency. I was in the area during those days, and made notes of some intriguing and disturbing facts about the fiasco. However, if not the process, the product turned out to be good. Continue reading

Don’t we all wish we lived in Malgudi?

This could have been just a normal story. But RK Narayan’s wit and childlike innocence had turned it into something special, and made it the one of a kind book to read. To add to it was the perfect direction by Shankar Nag. And it became a 360 degree reflection of life in Malnad, the culture and the beauty of the place we so dearly call Malgudi. Continue reading