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Privatization of Railways

“Rising demand for coaches, locos and wagons cannot be met immediately,” was exactly what Mamata Banerjee said in her Railway Budget speech for 2011-12. She pointed out that the capacity for wagon manufacture is limited in and some of the required components aren’t made in India. Her allocation of Rs. 13,820 crore for the purchase of 18,000 wagons during the year is a record for the Railways, but still inadequate an economy growing at 9 percent per year. Continue reading


Patriotic cinema

If 1757 marked the battle of Plassey and 1857 witnessed the first revolution for Indian independence, 1957 too was a milestone in the history of Indian nationalism. It was the year when Mehboob Khan made Mother India. Read my latest article on the NRI.

Apni jo paathshala

It affects me how education across the world is being driven by competition these days. Exams and marks are the ultimate depiction of a student’s performance. This is also because of the commercialisation of education. I believe collaboration is a better way of learning. While many might argue that this approach is communist in nature, the roots of similar education can be found in Indian scriptures as well. The shloka that defines it is- Continue reading

Colleges and Society

It is said that if all is well with the colleges, all will be well with the society. I am sure you will agree with me, that all is not well with our society today. Hence the conclusion is inevitable that all is not well with our colleges. It is one thing for the colleges to reflect the social reality. What is more desirable is that the college should be an agent of change in the society. In a positive and dynamic way. In a fulfilling way. Continue reading

The Kubrick stares

The Kubrick Stare, sometimes referred to as the Kubrick Glare is a common camera shot of an actor in most of his films. The Kubrick Stare has been called the “heavy-browed look of insanity”. The actor is filmed by Kubrick at a specific angle with their head tilted slightly down, looking up, sometimes with the teeth exposed but always with a detached, angry, diabolical, evil, menacing, or mad look in his eye. Continue reading