Monthly Archives: April 2011

Meghalaya on the rise

I am glad to see Meghalaya in news for all the right reasons. This is an encouraging news that Meghalaya is spending money on development which will surely benefit the people there. Recently, Shillong also hosted National RTI convention which attracted many eminent activists from all over India. They surely were mesmerised by the beauty of the Scotland of the east. Continue reading

Census data and North East

North East has shown some unique trends in the recent census data. Nagaland is the only state in India which has shown negative growth in population in India while Mizoram has been placed at second position in terms of literacy rate. Arunachal Pradesh retains the state with lowest density in population with 17 persons per square kilometre. Continue reading

Census and sensibilities

India’s population census, 2011 has been released. India’s population has grown to 1.21 billion, second to only China. And despite a decade of slower population growth- it was 17.6 percent from 2001-2011, down from 21.5 percent in the 10 years before that- India still gained 181 million new people over that period, roughly the entire population of Pakistan. Well, hopefully by 2021, we’ll have better control on our population. Continue reading

From Wikileaks with love

Thanks to The Hindu and Wikileaks, who have been releasing cables from US offices in India. These cables have established beyond doubt how our Prime Minister had been over reaching to the US on many policy issues. Murli Deora was bought in as Petroleum minister, and Mani Shankar Aiyar was sacked. Wikileaks reavels that US was verry happy with this move. I seriously fail to understand- why should US decide or even poke its nose in India’s policies? Continue reading

Notes from the Indo-Pak match, or was it war?

The Cricket world cup had a lot to offer. However there were several issues which have brought shame to our country. The most important of them was the unavailability of tickets for the stadium audience. For the India-Pak match, the scramble for a ticket to the game acquired an almost manic frenzy. In spite of India’s win, the fact remains that Indian sport is yet to be democratised at the turnstiles. I wonder, whether India will soon start hosting private matches! Continue reading