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News channels vs newspapers

Why the news channels can’t do what newspapers do. Enlighten people with news. Correct and righteous news. News which is not exaggerated. Why do news channels think that they are different from the newspapers and how can we bridge this gap? Read my latest article on the-NRI.


Sutras and their built-in defence mechanisms

I am extremely proud of our ancient knowledge and learning systems- the systems that our ancestors developed and practised. We preserved all our wisdom and knowledge by following only oral tradition. Our learning system of passing knowledge from one generation to another was based on memory. We did not use script and believed in the power of human mind to preserve our vast body of learning. It called for unfailing memory along with great precision and analysis. Today, we have a boom of data but very little understanding of how to use it. Continue reading

Seperatism in North East

North-East has always been in news for demand of separate states by many small or big tribes there. Most tribes have their own autonomous councils which control many social welfare departments apart from police, judiciary and other central government departments. Still, there are reports of agitation hovering demands of separate states. It must be mentioned here that, apart from Manipur and Sikkim, all other states were once a district of Assam. One by one, many states were created carving out areas from Assam. Continue reading

Our responsibility towards school education

School education in has been more or less sucked into the corporate market. The children of the privileged and rich study at the good and high-fee charging schools. Most of these schools look like retail malls or multiplexes. The school authorities look at the school education as a multi-crore market. They hire PROs, publish ads to help them penetrate the market and crores on branding. They have different business models; many of them adopt franchisee model. In their board rooms, parents and children are looked at as consumers, themselves as service providers and teachers as vendors! Continue reading

The tragedy of Assam oil

I strongly feel that a historic entity like Assam Oil should be preserved. Afterall, we proudly boast of it as the oldest refinery of Asia, established way back in 1901. Unfortunately, the oil production in Assam has been declining steadily because of the prolonged insurgency in Assam and other parts of North-East India. But there is another reason to it, a much more prominent one. Continue reading