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Is high GDP really a curse?

Many economists, leaders and intellectuals of today believe that the development rate India being close to 9% is a curse for India. They are partially right in saying so as their concern is the masses of the nation who neither contribute nor benefit from our spiraling GDP. Life for these people becomes difficult day bay day. These people have strong concern for equality. But believing that high GDP is a curse, the right thing? Continue reading


Dandi March II

71 years after Mahatma Gandhi led the Dandi march, on 12th March, 2011- NRIs all across the world have launched Dandi March II– A 240 Mile Walk Against Corruption in India. Will this march be enough to uproot corruption from India? Read my latest article on the-NRI.

The trouble with Telangana

Should a separate state of Telangana be formed? It is an issue that has been brewing for a long time, highlighted and exploited by numerous political parties for petty motives. Know the comeplete story before making an opinion. Read my latest article on the-NRI.