Monthly Archives: February 2011

How to apply for birth certificate?

Many forms issued by the government are complicated. Inspite of the processes being quite simple, a common man often ends up paying hefty bribes to the babus just to get the work done. One such situation is issuing of the birth certificate. Here’s a small write up on how to receive a birth certificate in simple steps. Continue reading


Kerala drowned in another hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbons have always affected Kerala. For good reasons or bad. Back in 70s and 80s, many young men from the state made a fortune due to the Gulf oil boom. Today Kerala is drowning. (yes, this beautiful strip of land is indeed drowning into the Arabian sea due to global warming, but my concern is more immediate in nature). The current youth of Kerala has drowned in yet another hydrocarbon- “Alcohol”. Continue reading

No more starry night!

Recently a friend complained that the sky looked pink to her in even at 10 in the night. Reddish sky in the evening is a common phenomenon due to refraction of sunlight, which I can understand. But I couldn’t understand why at late in the night the sky looked pink? I Googled and the results depressed me. Continue reading

Dharwad- where Purandara Dasa meets Kabir!

Kumar Gandharva, Basavaraj Rajguru, Puttaraj Gawai, Mallikarjuna Mansur, Gangubai Hanagal, Bhimsen Joshi, Venkatesh Kumar… The list of musical supremos from Dharwad is endless. But how did Dharwad, a small poor man’s town in Karnataka become the hub of Hindustani and Carnatic music? Continue reading

Should the state of Telangana be formed?

The fight for Telengana is not new. The first demand for Telengana was made by Marri Chenna Reddy in 1969 but was suppressed by the Congress. After numerous other demands for Telengana, before 2004 elections, Congress befriended Telengana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) and promised Telengana to them. After winning the elections, Congress denied. In 2006, TRS withdrew their support from the Congress but it didn’t make any difference. The third turnaround came before the 2009 elections, when Congress once again promised and denied the state of Telengana to TRS. Continue reading

How to use the R.T.I act?

You may use RTI Act to get work done faster, and what is more, without needing to bribe anyone. Here are some practical examples. I read these examples in the jago party website and felt that they must be shared. Continue reading

A tribute to Marwaris

It is interesting to note that entrepreneurship in India has emerged from Bania or Vaishya families. They have for ages have controlled the trade routes and the  banking business. Business class in India for ages have been Aggarwals and Guptas in the North, Chettiars in the South, Parsees, Gujarati Jains and Banias, Muslim Khojas and Memons in the West, and Marwaris across the country. Of these, Marwaris have proven to be the most successful. Continue reading