Monthly Archives: February 2011

Online facilities by Indian government!!

Here is a near exhaustive list of links to avail various services being provided by the central & state governments. I will be posting more links and articles in the time to come. Hope you will be benefited by this. Special thanks to my friend Yawar for helping me in compiling this list. Continue reading


Notes on PMs recent Q&A with Editors

Recently our Prime Minister faced the media. As expected, most of the questions asked were on the recent scams. Although the PM seemed to stammer at places, he did not duck any of the questions, laying out what his office had and had not done at each step. He emphasized that while food inflation was a concern, sacrificing growth would do nobody any good. He claimed that he was not blocking an agreement on a JPC as he had no objection to appear before one. At this point of time the right question to ask is- “Is it time we move on?” Continue reading

How to apply for birth certificate?

Many forms issued by the government are complicated. Inspite of the processes being quite simple, a common man often ends up paying hefty bribes to the babus just to get the work done. One such situation is issuing of the birth certificate. Here’s a small write up on how to receive a birth certificate in simple steps. Continue reading

Kerala drowned in another hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbons have always affected Kerala. For good reasons or bad. Back in 70s and 80s, many young men from the state made a fortune due to the Gulf oil boom. Today Kerala is drowning. (yes, this beautiful strip of land is indeed drowning into the Arabian sea due to global warming, but my concern is more immediate in nature). The current youth of Kerala has drowned in yet another hydrocarbon- “Alcohol”. Continue reading

No more starry night!

Recently a friend complained that the sky looked pink to her in even at 10 in the night. Reddish sky in the evening is a common phenomenon due to refraction of sunlight, which I can understand. But I couldn’t understand why at late in the night the sky looked pink? I Googled and the results depressed me. Continue reading